Accuracy Solutions Acquires McRee Precision

by Braxton Taylor

Accuracy Solutions has acquired of legendary chassis manufacturer McRee Precision. Scott McRee, founder of McRee Precision, is widely recognized as a pioneer of the aluminum rifle chassis and his ingenuity was rewarded with several patents.

More than 20 years ago, McRee brought his first aluminum chassis to the market. In doing so he forever changed the landscape of precision rifle stocks. Others quickly followed suit, and today many manufacturers of stocks and complete rifles offer versions with an aluminum chassis.

Accuracy Solutions and McRee Precision began cooperative efforts in 2018. In 2019, after more than a year of research and development, the around-the-world patented Fontcuberta Advanced Sniper and Tactical (F.A.S.T.—aka FAST) Chassis Enhancement System was unveiled. Why Fontcuberta? Because Eduardo “Edu” Abril de Fontcuberta first thought of incorporating the company’s patented BipodeXt technology into a rifle chassis and immediately introduced Accuracy Solutions to McRee. “We will never find the right words to express our gratitude to our FAST co-inventor, Mr. Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta,” stated Accuracy Solutions’ managing partner Daniel Gyurec.

Over the years, Accuracy Solutions refined and expanded its patented BipodeXt and FAST Chassis Enhancement Systems. In addition to McRee Precision, in 2023, American chassis maker Accurate Rifle Systems, based in Ohio, began selling its chassis fitted with FAST Chassis Enhancement Systems.

Up to the present time, Accuracy Solutions has focused on providing FAST Chassis Enhancement Systems to chassis manufacturers. The acquisition of McRee Precision radically changes that. Equipped with McRee Precision’s patented technologies and know-how, Accuracy is well-positioned to develop its own FAST chassis.

“Accuracy Solutions cannot overstate the importance of acquiring McRee’s,” added Gyurec. “We didn’t merely buy a chassis manufacturer; we bought McRee Precision, the widely recognized forerunner of the modern chassis system. This acquisition saves Accuracy decades of research, development and know-how acquirement, giving us wisdom we wouldn’t otherwise have today. We are honored, very lucky, and humbly proud.”

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