First Look: Aridus 1301 Beretta Stock Adapter

by Braxton Taylor

Aridus Industries, the small Pennsylvania-based company known for its selection of mounts, parts and adapters for the Beretta 1301 series of tactical semi-automatic shotguns, has announced the first release in a wave of new product launches Aridus is calling the “Momentum of Innovation.” 

This first release in Aridus’ ‘Momentum of Innovation” is a revised version of one of its core Beretta accessories, the Aridus Stock Adapter. This unit allows the popular Magpul SGA shotgun tactical stock to be retrofitted directly onto any Beretta 1301 Tactical, 1301 Competition or A400 series shotguns so that their owners can also reap the benefits afforded by the original design of the Magpul SGA Stock meant for the Remington 870 or Mossberg 590.

The original Aridus Stock Adapter is machined from aluminum while the new version is molded from high strength polymer. More importantly, the central upgrade on this version 2.0 is the included buffer inside the fastening bolt that connects the Magpul SGA Stock to the Beretta shotgun receiver. This buffer is designed to cushion the impact of rearward movement from the gun’s action as it fires and cycles shotshells. The fastening bolt is also designed to fill out the leftover voids found inside SGA stocks for a better fit. Finally, the newly redesigned polymer material better matches the look, feel and texture of the polymer-based Magpul stock, too. 

For nearly a decade, the Beretta 1301 Tactical has become the go-to gun in the world of modern tactical and defensive shotguns due to the intersection of its design, portability and performance. 1301 barrels are made from Beretta’s proprietary blend of shotgun-barrel steel, Steelium, which helps deliver more consistent shot patterns. It uses a dependable semi-automatic action based on Beretta’s fast-cycling and proven Blink gas system. Many of the parts that Aridus Industries makes for these Beretta shotguns has allowed users to creatively employ various accessories in turn helping the 1301 to become as popular as it currently is. The new version of the Aridus Stock Adapter retails for $94. Please visit to learn more.

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