First Look: Ballistic Advantage Pistol Barrels

by Braxton Taylor

Ballistic Advantage is now offering premium aftermarket drop in barrels for handguns. The company’s new Premium Series barrels are machined from 416R Stainless Steel and are designed to drop in without any fitting by a gunsmith.

Ballistic Advantage is working on plans to support the most popular pistol makes and models, but it decided to do its first roll out of the company’s new Premium Series barrels for Glock 9mm pistols, given that platform’s widespread use. Ballistic Advantage supports the current fifth generation of Glock pistols, in addition to having barrels available for the third or fourth generations. Currently, these new barrels are available only for the Glock G19 and the Glock G17.

“I am an avid Glock fan, and I firmly believe that they already manufacture exceptional products. However, our team has diligently concentrated on all the crucial aspects and made significant improvements in the right areas. As a result, when you equip your Glock with a BA barrel, it genuinely becomes an upgrade, and the final outcome will undoubtedly exceed your expectations” stated Adam Wainio, president at Ballistic Advantage. “I take immense pride in the relentless efforts of this team, and I wholeheartedly recommend you consider using a BA barrel in your pistol to unlock its full potential. Here’s to the first of many more remarkable offerings” continued Wainio.

Ballistic Advantage Premium Series barrels are available in several different finishes and colors. In addition, the company also offers barrels with threaded muzzles. It also has different stylized muzzle-thread protectors for these barrels, too. Moving beyond finishes or threads, shooters may also choose barrels with different styles of flutes such as ones cut in a spiral fashion or dimpled flutes. All barrels are made from 416R stainless steel and weigh around 3.2 ounces and are engineered with 1:10 rifling twist to stabilize heavier weight projectiles. BA Premium Series barrel pricing starts at $145. To learn more about these new barrels, visit

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