First Look: CZ USA 600 Trail Rifle In .300BLK

by Braxton Taylor

CZ USA is now offering the CZ 600 Trail rifle in the .300BLK chambering, a round that is known for its great subsonic capabilities when paired with an appropriate suppressor. 

The CZ 600 Trail rifle is a modern bolt-action rifle optimized for portability which uses AR-15 style parts and furniture in its construction in order to make this firearm inherently more modular. For example, the bolt-action receiver is bedded into a “lower receiver” that resembles an actual AR-15 lower receiver. Like the latter, the former also accepts any AR-15 pistol grip and takes an AR-15-pattern, detachable-box magazine. The controls are also similar, with the CZ 600 Trail having a thumb-actuated safety selector and magazine catch. The CZ 600 Trail’s handguard has a full section of Picatinny rail at 12 o’clock and is flanked by slotted M-Lok sections on both the left and right sides. By having a fully flat topped Picatinny rail surface from front to back, mounting any type of optical sight or accessory is as straightforward as doing so with an AR-15. The rifle’s PDW-style stock is minimalist to reduce bulk but it is still adjustable for four different positions. The CZ 600 Trail’s 16-inch-long barrel is cut and threaded with a 5/8×24-tpi pitch, making it ready for suppressor use out of the box.

The action itself is designed around intermediate cartridges such as the .223 Rem., 7.62x39mm and of course .300BLK. The action has a short extractor controlled feed mechanism which is something that serious bolt-action rifle shooters tend to prefer on field/hunting oriented rifles. Controlled feed means that the extractor grabs on to the rim of the casing from the time the bolt strips the cartridge away from the magazine, through the firing cycle and until the empty casing is extracted and ejected.

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