First Look: Federal Punch 30 Super Carry

by Braxton Taylor

Federal Ammunition is expanding its Punch line of defensive pistol carry ammunition by adding the relatively new 30 Super Carry pistol cartridge to the lineup. The new 30SC Punch ammo gives fans of this round another choice for defensive ammunition in addition to Federal Ammunition’s HST line.

The 30 Super Carry cartridge made its debut in 2021 and is designed to deliver similar ballistics to the widely used 9mm pistol round, but in a smaller diameter, 30-caliber format. In practical terms, this means that given a pistol of the same size, the pistol chambered in 30 Super Carry will have extra capacity and less recoil compared to the same pistol chambered for 9mm.

Federal Ammunition developed their Punch line of defensive carry pistol ammo to achieve a balance between barrier penetration and terminal ballistic performance. It is currently available for all major pistol calibers in addition to a .22 LR rimfire version. 

“With the successful launch of 30 Super Carry, we are incorporating feedback from end users on additional loads they’d like to see,” said Federal’s Handgun Product Line Director Nick Sachse. “Some matchups are meant to be, and we are excited to offer Punch in 30 Super Carry. The 30 Super Carry Punch focuses on the benefit of reduced recoil, while providing balanced terminal performance of penetration and expansion, and working well through all barrel lengths,” explained Sachse.

The 30 Super Carry Federal Punch cartridge is loaded with a 103-grain jacketed hollowpoint bullet into a brass cartridge casing featuring a sealed primer. It has a standard muzzle velocity of 1,130 fps, while also producing less felt recoil than a comparable 9mm round. A box of 30 Super Carry Punch retails for $26.99 and has 20 rounds. To learn more about this offering, visit

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