First Look: GPS Shotguns from Retay USA

by Braxton Taylor

Retay USA is a part of Banshee Brands LLC and is the North American sales and distribution for Retay Arms. Now Retay USA is entering the tactical shotgun market with four new models.

“Retay shotguns are designed to be your go-to gun,” Jesse Highling, vice president of business development at Retay USA, explained. “And by go-to, we mean a shotgun you can rely on to perform under tough conditions with repeatable performance. Our tactical customers love Retay’s Inertia Plus system for its stealth. Our deep-bore drilled, dead-straight barrels and factory-lengthened forcing cones put more pellets on a smaller target, greatly decreasing overshot. These are all important factors for our professional customers.”

The Geometric Pump System (GPS) allows for ultra-fast cycling and quick follow-up shots, which is essential in extreme scenarios. The Retay Inertia Plus System’s quiet closing and no bolt rattle helps mask your location when needed, while the fully drilled barrels with elongated forcing cones create tighter pattern density, making it easier to hit the target when it matters the most.

The first shotgun in the Retay GPS line is the GPS XL, a 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun with a 28-inch barrel chambered for 3.5-inch shells. The GPS-XL has Retay’s exclusive floating-forearm technology, a dual slide rail and a dual latch action allowing for fast cycling and follow-up shots. MSRP for the GPS XL is $499.

The Retay GPS Pump Action Compact and Compact with Pistol Grip shotguns are ready for close quarters action. These 12-gauge shotguns feature an 18-inch, drilled Bohler steel/chrome-lined barrel with an extra short 3-inch-travel pump-action using Retay’s Geometric Glide fore-end system. Both shotguns also have Integrated sling swivel mounts and high visibility front blade sights and weigh just over 6 pounds. MSRP for the Retay GPS Pump Action Compact is $399 and $449 for the GPS Pump Action Compact with Pistol Grip.

The final entry is Retay’s Pump Action Security and Hunting Combo, a perfect solution for the homeowner looking for a home defense shotgun and a hunting shotgun without breaking the bank. This two-in-one 12-gauge, 3-inch shotgun is built with the features found in other Retay shotguns and includes an 18.5 inch barrel for defense and a 28-inch barrel for hunting. MSRP for this shotgun is $549.

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