First Look: Hornady Mobilis Gun Safes

by Braxton Taylor

Hornady Security, a division of the well-known bullet and ammunition manufacturer, is bolstering its safe and security product catalog with the new modular Mobilis safe line. These residential security containers have a high-quality construction and a modular design that allows gun owners to move and build the safe virtually anywhere. 

The new Hornady Mobilis series which has three different configuration options with the Mobilis Safe, Mobilis Safe Double Door and Mobilis Safe Double Door Max. Each of these has details such as interior Square Lok paneling and a 120-volt power strip. In addition to the modular construction, all Hornady Mobilis safes include a digital lock with a mechanical and physical key back up. The safes are also made with a tamper-proof design to prevent any type of unauthorized access. With their Square Lok interiors, all Mobilis safes have a customizable interior allowing each person to best configure his or her safe to their specific needs and for the storage of other personal belongings and valuables besides firearms. 

Hornady Mobilis Safes Product Line:

Standard Mobilis Safe
This smaller safe is ideal for gun owners with fewer guns while still having Hornady Security’s advanced lockup and security features. The standard safe has dimensions of 22 inches wide, 59 inches tall and 18 inches deep.

Mobilis Safe Double Door
The Mobilis Safe Double Door version is designed for gun owners with larger firearms collections. The Double Door version provides the same security features as the other safes while also providing a larger internal volume. The double door design is laid out similar to an hardened armoire and its dimensions that are 34 inches wide, 59 inches tall and 25 inches deep.

Mobilis Safe Double Door MAX
The Double Door MAX is the largest safe in the collection with the most internal storage capacity. With dimensions of 46 inches wide, 71 inches tall and 31 inches deep the Double Door MAX offers ample space for serious gun collectors and firearms enthusiasts.

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