First Look: Hydra Weapons Hydra 10 Rifle

by Braxton Taylor

Hydra Weaponry has just released an AR-pattern firearm chambered for the classic .308 Win. cartridge, the new Hydra 10.

The Hydra 10 is built upon Hydra Weaponry’s years of experience, research, development and real-world testing along with the needs and desires expressed by its customers. The base firearm itself is built on the DPMS-pattern AR-10 receiver, which is one of the most popular AR-10 configurations around, with other notable gunmakers such as Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) and Knights Armament Co. (KAC) using this configuration as the basis for some of their AR-10s.

Large-format AR-pattern firearms are based on Eugene Stoner’s AR-10 design from the 1950s. These types of rifles are older than the popular AR-15 itself. The goal during the development of these large-format ARs was to take the then-newly released .308 Win. cartridge from 1952 and mate it with a modern rifle made from space-age materials and a radically different design philosophy. With the larger .308 Win. chambering, both civilians and military customers saw the advantage of the added power for defense, hunting and longer-range pursuits, leading to the introduction of the Hydra 10. The Hydra 10 still maintains modularity and parts compatibility with many AR-centric parts and accessories.

“We are proud to introduce the Hydra 10, a rifle platform that embodies our commitment to innovation, quality, and performance,” said Mack Gwinn III, CEO of Hydra Weaponry. “The Hydra 10 represents a new standard of excellence in the world of .308 caliber rifles.”

The Hydra 10 is available in 16 and 18 inch length barrels in black or coyote tan, with an MSRP of $2,349.00. To learn more about the new Hydra 10 or the other products the company offers, visit

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