First Look: Lockedin Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk

by Braxton Taylor

The Complete Combatant has recently released Lockedin Grip Performance Shooting Chalk, a new, liquid-based chalk designed to help shooters maintain a steady grip on their gun. The Complete Combatant is a firearms training and safety company led by Brian and Shelley Hill with a focus on providing its clients with the tools and knowledge to become proficient in their personal security.

Lockedin Grip Shooting Chalk was designed to improve the connection between the shooter’s hands and their firearm. Lockedin Grip Shooting Chalk comes in either a convenient 50 ml bottles with carabiner clips to attach to a belt loop or other location as well as a 30 ml pouch that will easily fit in a range bag, gear pouch or in your back pocket. Easy to apply and spread, even a small amount of this chalk provides you with a better grip all throughout your range session.

Liquid chalk is used by participants in activities such as rock climbing or weightlifting. Savvy competitive shooters, as well as serious firearms-training students, have adapted existing chalk products to aid them in building and maintaining a solid grip on their handgun while shooting. Applying chalk to your hands helps enhances the contact of your palm and finger with the surface texture of the handgun grip. Shooters can also place chalk on the knuckles and fingers of their strong hand to provide additional purchase for the support hand when using a two-handed shooting grip. The improved grip that Lockedin Grip provides also enhances safety and protects hands from friction and wear that can lead injury.

The price for a 30 ml pouch of Lockedin Grip is $6, while the price for the 50 ml bottle is $12.  To place an order for Lockedin Grip, visit  

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