First Look: Military Arms Corporation Inglis Hi Power

by Braxton Taylor

Military Armament Corporation (MAC) is bringing back the classically configured Inglis Browning Hi Power to the American market. Military Armament Corporation’s importer SDS Imports (who also imports Tisas firearms) will be bringing in these classic 20th century 9mm fighting pistols through an exclusive partnership with Inglis. The primary model under this new product line is a clone of the venerable Commonwealth 9mm L9A1 pistol, which was the principal British military post war configuration dating back to the early 1960s. The L9A1 model replaced all of the earlier WWII-era Browning Hi Power pistols. Some of these Hi Power pistols served British Commonwealth forces for several decades up until 2013, when they were replaced by more modern 9mm service pistols. The Canadian based Inglis company manufactured these pistol due to the fact that British small arms factories were in danger from attack by German forces during the Second World War.

“We’re very excited to be able to partner with Inglis and bring this historic brand back from the dead,” stated Military Armament Corporation/SDS CEO Tim Mulverhill. “The market demand has not been met for historically accurate Hi Powers. We’re planning for the L9A1 to influence the Hi Power market the way the Tisas US Army did in the 1911 market.”

The Browning Hi Power is a remarkable moment in firearm’s history not only for being the world’s first extended-capacity semi-automatic pistol via the ingenious use of a double-stack magazine, but also for being the first ever “wonder nine” 9mm pistol. It was also one of the last designs that John Moses Browning worked on before he passed away. The pistol was later finishing with the help of his colleague Dieudonne Saive, the Belgian designer of the FN FAL rifle.

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