First Look: New Pistols From Shadow Systems

by Braxton Taylor

Texas-based Shadow Systems is launching two new 9mm semi-automatic compensated variants of its existing MR 920 and XR 920 pistols. These two new products follow in the footsteps and previous success of the DR920P, which also uses an attached compensator.  Shadow Systems is best known as a handgun company that builds and designs high end Glock-pattern pistols using 100-percent American parts and labor. These two new models, the MR920P and XR920P, make use of a low-profile, integrated steel compensator and only adds an additional ½ inch of length to the slides of these guns. Both the MR920 and the XR920 have 4-inch barrels and are dimensionally similar to the 9mm Glock G19 and the 9mm Glock G45 respectively. With the extra half-inch of slide length, these guns match the original Glock G17 slide, so they would therefore be compatible with any holster appropriate for the Glock G17. 

The compact compensators in question are designed by Shadow Systems with a focus on reliability. These compensators are not intended to function as sophisticated competition equipment, rather, they work with standard factory springs and a wide variety of bullet weights. The compensators are now standard on a total of three different Shadow Systems guns, the XR920P, DR920P and CR920P, and have all been rigorously tested, cycling thousands of rounds. The compensators display no loss of reliability and no carbon lockout throughout their testing periods. Their design is a quick-detach design, self-indexing and self-locking.

The new MR920P and XR920P will be sold with an MSRP of $1,269 and $1,293. To learn more about these two new compensated pistols, please visit

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