First Look: Radian Guardian and Six Optics Mount

by Braxton Taylor

Radian Weapons is known for cutting edge design in modern firearms and accessories. has just announced the new Guardian pistol slide mounted optic guard along with the new Six backup iron sights. The Guardian and Six are also designed to work in conjunction with each other and are sold as a pair. 

The Guardian and Six setup allows shooters to overcome the traditional shortcomings of the typical “one size fits all” optics mounting plates. As a rule, conventional optics plates lack a solid guard to protect the exterior areas and the electronics inside a pistol mounted sight. In fact, both physical impacts from bumping into things or being dropped along with shearing hardware are some of the main issues that shooters run into when they shoot mounted optics on their pistols. The Guardian and Six system aims to mitigate these risks by providing a solid mounting surface that uses oversize Torx sleeve nuts with extra threads for even more “fastening” capacity, but also by adding an exoskeleton around the edges of the optic. The Six back up sights are there as last insurance, if all else fails.  

“The Radian Guardian and Six is a testament to our dedication to delivering unparalleled firearm components and accessories,” said Joshua Underwood, Founder & CEO at Radian Weapons. “We identified the shortcomings of existing pistol optic mounting systems and engineered a solution that not only resolves those issues, but also elevates the overall shooting experience. The GUARDIAN provides unmatched protection, enhancing functional performance and reliability, truly embodying the spirit of Radian’s commitment to innovation.” 

Radian’s Guardian and Six mounting system has an MSRP of $209.95 and currently supports the Glock factory MOS for the Trijicon RMR and Holosun EPS (Holosun K) patterns as well as Walther’s factory cut for the PDP–for the RMR and EPS the same. To learn more about the product or other gear from Radian Weapons, please visit 

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