First Look: Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

by Braxton Taylor

Real Avid announced the release of its new Master Gun Workstation, an adjustable bench-top gun rest that can accommodate a wide variety of firearms for cleaning, repair or gunsmithing.

This bench-top gun rest was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate do-it-all rest. Its quick adjustable clamp mechanism makes it easy to adjust with only one hand and alter the Master Gun Workstation to accept a wide variety of rifles and shotguns. The yoke itself is adjustable for up to 18.3 inches of travel while being able to adapt to different heights and widths. On the bottom, the Master Gun Workstation has sturdy non-slip feet that have a wide footprint for stability and to keep the platform in place. The feet can also be adjusted to lower or raise the level of the workstation base. The base can also be clamped down or screwed directly into a bench top.

The Master Gun Workstation comes with storage compartments for cleaning accessories like solvents, lubricants, brushes, jags and patches. The sturdy metal base is chemical and oil resistant and can store tools and large parts. Magnetic trays also come standard to secure small parts while working on a firearm and prevent them from becoming lost.

The Master Gun Workstation also has leveling knobs to aid in the mounting of optics. The knob can tweak the cant of the firearm up to +/- 3 degrees to find a precise angle in order to ensure that reticles are level when an optic is being mounted on your gun.  

The Real Avid Master Gun Workstation has a starting retail price of $199. To order this new all-inclusive workstation or other gunsmithing and cleaning accessories offered by Real Avid, visit 

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