First Look: Safariland Kryptek Highlander Holster

by Braxton Taylor

The Safariland Group has announced the release of a select group of limited edition Safariland 6000 series outside-the-waistband duty holsters with the Kryptek Highlander camouflage pattern. Holster models with this pattern include the 6354RDS, the 6304 RDS and 6354RDSO. The Kryptek Highlander pattern was designed to use multi-directional configurations that can blend into both urban and more “natural” environments. 

“Most of the camouflage patterns Safariland uses for holster wraps have deep military roots,” said Eric Gasvoda, GM of Duty Gear for Safariland. “Kryptek Highlander, combined with premium 6000 series holsters, creates a bridge that will prove optimal for both hunting and tactical operations.”

All three of these duty-grade holster models include Safariland’s exclusive ALS (Automatic Locking System) to provide an extra layer of retention and to secure the firearm to the holster at all times. The 6304RDS is pistol mounted reflex sight compatible, as it also has an SLS (self-locking system) pivoting sight hood. The newer 6354RDSO design is also compatible for pistol mounted optics, however instead of a pivoting hood, the RDSO series makes use of an open pocket to protect the optic without needing a flip up dust cover. Each of these holsters is also able to accommodate rail-mounted pistol lights like the Surefire X300 series or the Streamlight TLR-1 series. 

Like many other Safariland’s other duty grade holsters, these new Kryptek Highlander models use the same attachment points and mechanism and can be used with various attachment accessories sold both by the Safariland Group (like the Safariland QLS 19 Fork and QLS 22 Plate). All holster bodies are built from SafariLaminate thermal molded construction. On the inside, they are suede lined in order to protect each firearm’s finish from needless marring and scratching. 

To learn more about these new 6000 Series red dot and pistol light friendly Kryptek Highlander limited edition holsters, as well as other products from the Safariland group, please visit

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