First Look: SOG Ether FX Blade

by Braxton Taylor

SOG has just released a new lightweight, 3.1-inch fixed-blade knife, the Ether FX. The lighter weight of 2.1 ounces and drop-point blade profile of the Ether FX is ideally suited for activities such as backpacking, hunting, camping or just about any outdoor activity. 

“The all-new Ether FX presents an all-around customizable platform when it comes to handling, maintenance, carry options and style,” said Jamin Horst, Brand Manager. “Plus, it ultimately delivers what all outdoorsmen are really after—a tool they can count on to provide rugged, reliable, cutting-edge performance on-demand.”

The SOG Ether FX has a skeletonized tang as well as removable, interchangeable skeletonized grips. These not only reduce the knife’s total mass but increase the amount of options and customization, allowing you to wrap the tang in paracord or add different grip-panel colors. The business end of the Ether FX is built around a rugged S35VN blade with a durable stonewash finish and a drop point profile. The top spine of the Ether FX’s blade has full jimping to allow the user to safely rest and index their thumb on the spine for a secure grip. There are also two sections of dimples on either side of the top rear part of the blade that are meant to provide more texture on the knife in order to support the user’s thumb when rested along this part of the blade. All these features mean that the SOG Ether FX is a field grade knife with metals and materials that stand up to the elements while providing different textured areas for cutting safety and stability.   

Currently, the Ether FX fixed blade knife has an MSRP of $160. To learn more about this new knife or the other tools and cutlery offered by SOG, please visit 

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