First Look: Springfield Armory Gear Up Promotion

by Braxton Taylor

Springfield Armory has a new promotion which began on Friday, September 15th and will continue to run until the end of 2023. During that time, customers who purchase select Springfield Armory handguns will qualify to receive three additional magazines and a Springfield Armory dual pistol bag with Springfield’s “Crossed Cannon” logo.

“Springfield Armory’s pistols are renowned for both their ruggedness and their reliability,” said Phil Rawlings, Vice President of Sales and LE for Springfield Armory. “With this new Gear Up promotion, customers will receive a great selection of valuable accessories at no extra cost.”

This new Gear Up promotion offers shooters a value-added benefit to owning one of these select pistols during the promotion and is valid on purchases of the original XD as well as purchases of the newest XD-M Elite and Hellcat offerings. The program also includes Hellcat and Hellcat Pro variants, XD and XD-M Elite models and XD-S Mod.2 offerings. This selection covers some of Springfield Armory’s most popular pistols, including the game-changing Hellcat and Hellcat Pro pistols, which re-wrote the rules for a small, easy to carry defensive pistol, all the way up to pistols like the XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP pistol, chambered in the powerful 10mm cartridge.

The Gear Up program will run from September 15th, 2023, through December 31st, 2023. Eligible buyers will receive three additional magazines and a Springfield Armory logo dual pistol bag, with a retail value that can top $150. All that’s needed is proof of purchase of a qualifying pistol and then fill out the redemption form online by January 31st, 2024 in order to redeem the Gear Up package.

For more information about this new Springfield Armory Gear Up promotion, please visit, and for more information about the complete line of Springfield Armory rifles and pistols, please visit

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