First Shots: HiViz FastDot 3 Sights

by Braxton Taylor

The HiViz FastDot H3 sight set is a new low profile single dot sight system that combines both fiber optic and tritium for 24 hour illumination. It has a unique arrangement of a red front sight and green rear sight to create a “circle in circle” sight picture that is bright, easy to acquire, and fast when you need it most. Instead of a traditional blade centered in a notch, front sight into alignment with the rear, the front red sight disappears behind the rear sight leaving behind a glowing green circle to let the shooter know their sights are aligned properly. The FastDot H3 is a low-profile sight that works with all standard holsters and uses fully encapsulated Tritium for 24/7 illumination.

FastDot H3 Sight Features

  • Fast sight acquisition
  • Easy sight alignment
  • Positive sight feedback
  • Improved visibility around sight picture
  • 24-hour illumination
  • A low-profile design that is compatible with standard holsters 

The Fastdot H3 is available for the Smith & Wesson M&P Series, SIG Sauer P320/P365 pistols and Glock pistols with or without the MOS slide cutout. Each sight set has an MSRP of $175, and more information on this product and other items from HiViz is available at

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