First Shots: New Ammo From Staccato

by Braxton Taylor

Staccato is expanding beyond its well-known 2011 pistols and accessories and is now selling factory-loaded ammunition. The Texas based company’s new ammo line includes a general purpose 124-grain cartridge loaded with a full metal jacket (FMJ) round nose bullet known as Staccato 2011 Range along with a match grade cartridge loaded with a 125-grain Hornady HAP bullet that is specifically configured to feed into and fire from Staccato 2011 double stack handgun barrels. 

The Hornady HAP bullet used in Staccato 2011 125-grain Match ammunition has a truncated profile to easily feed into any handgun breech. HAP stands for “Hornady Action Pistol” and its overall profile is derived from the classic Hornady XTP bullet, save for the expanding properties the latter possesses. These bullets are capable of delivering great accuracy and have cold swaged pure lead cores. Their gilding jacket material fully covers the bullet including the exposed circular edge of the projectile’s hollow point opening. Staccato 2011’s 124-grain match ammunition is loaded with a classic round nose FMJ bullet, but unlike its Match grade sibling which is specifically optimized for 2011 pistol chambers, Staccato 2011 Range ammo is intended to work across a broad spectrum of handguns with 9mm chamberings.

Staccato 2011 originally rebranded from STI to focus on duty and defensive 2011 style pistols chambered in 9mm instead of solely building competition guns as it used to do during its STI days. Staccato’s entire product line is only chambered in 9mm at the moment. Both the Match and the Range cartridges are loaded into new reloadable brass cases with boxer primers. Staccatos new ammunition products were introduced during the start of the annual 2024 SHOT Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. These cartridges have a standard retail price of $29.95 per box of 50 rounds. To learn more visit

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