First Shots: RRA XM24 Tactical Rifle

by Braxton Taylor

Rock River Arms (RRA) has developed a new precision-rifle configuration that delivers first-rate long-range accuracy right from the factory and the ability to work with two of the leading long-range cartridges out there, the .308 Win. round and the .338 Lapua Mag. cartridge.

The new RRA XM24 Tactical is built to satisfy the performance requirements of defense professionals and special tactics members alike, along with anyone who requires first-shot hits at long range. Designed around MDT’s ESS non-folding chassis to provide maximum rigidity to the rifle, the XM24 Tactical has a 26-inch heavy-contour stainless steel barrel that has been air-gauged to guarantee maximum bore precision, cryo-treated for molecular stability and predictable harmonics, and then treated with a black matte nitride finish to enhance concealment. Bullet stabilization and accuracy are rooted in the 1:10- (.308 Win.) and 1:9.5-inch (.338 Lapua Mag.) twist rates.

The barrels secure to the proprietary 700-style receiver via a barrel nut system that delivers solid and precise fitment and alignment. Included with the XM24 is a crow-foot wrench for barrel nut removal and installation. An oversized bolt handle and a precision single-stage TriggerTech Primary trigger system provide the fire control management. Optic mounting is provided by the included 20-MOA base scope rail, while the rifle is fed through a single-stack, 5-round, detachable-box magazine.

All of this combines to deliver a precision, mission-deployable rifle with a guaranteed accuracy potential of less than ½ MOA when using premium ammunition. Overall weight is 13.2 pounds and the rifle measures 46.25 inches long. MSRP for the RRA XM24 Tactical is $5,265, and to see the full range of firearms, components, and accessories offered by RRA, please visit 

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