First Shots: Steiner H6Xi Riflescope

by Braxton Taylor

Following last year’s introduction of Steiner’s American built TX6i tactical riflescope line, the German optics company took feedback and suggestions from its customers and is officially launching the HX6i product line. These new scopes keep the TX6i’s 6x zoom ratio, but give shooters a smaller overall package that increases these scope’s handiness so hunters and other field shooters can use them to their advantage. The new HX6i family includes three models: a 2-12×42, a 3-18×50 and a 5-30×50. Gone is the 34mm tube that the TX6i series uses, and replacing it is a more compact 30mm tube. The turrets, too, are more diminutive than the ones found on the TX6i as these scopes are intended for hunting rather than tactical precision shooting (that involves more dialing). That said, HX6i turrets are still open and can still easily dial.

Even though these scopes use a smaller diameter 30mm tube and have more simplified turrets, Steiner is also showcasing its newly designed The new STR-MIL reticle. Designed by the Steiner USA team, this new MIL-based “Christmas-tree” reticle gives shooters who are familiar with MIL-based systems more lightweight tool to use in their hunting setup. The reticle possesses 0.2-mrad subtensions and gives the shooter the ability to dial or holdover with near-equal precision for both drop and wind holdoff.

Steiner HX6i riflescopes have 11 illumination settings for both day and low-light conditions. The focus adjustment knob ensures precision parallax correction across a broad range, from 25 yards to infinity, ensuring consistent point-of-aim/point-of-impact alignment. Like the Stiener TX6i family, the new HX6i is made in Steiner’s Colorado facility in the United States. Retail prices for the HX6i family start at $2,299. To learn more about these new lightweight and rugged hunting scopes, please visit

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