Five Great 1911s for Concealed Carry

by Braxton Taylor

If you’re a fan of 1911s and carrying concealed, you’re likely looking for a model of your favorite style of handgun you can carry every day. Often considered an outside the waistband only gun, with the right holster, 1911s can also make excellent concealed carry firearms. You just have to be careful which one(s) you pick. Like their polymer, striker-fired cousins, not all 1911s are suited for concealed carry. Some are too large. Some are too small. Others are just right. We think these five would make Little Red Riding Hood proud.

Devoted 1911 owners already know this, but if you’re new to the 1911 world and want to carry one, practice before you start packing one of these quirky guns. 1911s require a level of training that other guns don’t, such as getting used to disengaging and engaging the safety during operation. Also, learn what it means to carry it “cocked and locked,” the only way to safely carry a 1911.

That said, let’s look at five excellent 1911s for concealed carry that are worth considering in a range of prices, from lowest to highest.

Tisas 1911 Carry B9

The Tisas 1911 Carry B9 is a compact powerhouse designed for concealed carry. With its shortened grip and barrel, this 1911 offers exceptional concealability without sacrificing performance. The lightweight alloy frame and slim profile make it comfortable for all-day carry. Featuring Novak-style sights and an extended beavertail grip safety, the B45 ensures accurate shooting and enhanced control. MSRP: $549.

EMPSpringfield Armory Ronin EMP 3 Inch

Springfield Armory’s Ronin EMP 3 Inch (Enhanced Micro Pistol) is designed specifically for concealed carry, boasting a slim profile and compact size. Its 3 inch barrel and lightweight aluminum frame make it easy to conceal while still delivering the accuracy and reliability expected from a 1911 platform. Featuring a fiber optic front sight and low-profile combat rear sight, the EMP 3 Inch ensures quick and precise target acquisition. MSRP: $917.

SR1911Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander

Combine the classic styling of the 1911 with modern features for concealed carry, and you get Ruger’s SR1911 Lightweight Commander. The 4.25 inch barrel and lightweight aluminum frame strike a perfect balance between concealability and shootability. Equipped with adjustable sights and an extended thumb safety, the SR1911 offers customization and enhanced safety. Ruger’s reputation for durability and affordability makes this an excellent choice for everyday carry. MSRP: $979.

Pro Carry IIKimber Pro Carry II

The Kimber Pro Carry II is crafted for discreet portability with an aluminum frame and 4 inch barrel that strike the perfect balance between concealability and shootability. This 1911 features a flat-topped slide, minimizing potential snags during draws. Tritium night sights ensure quick target acquisition in any lighting condition, while the Carry Melt treatment enhances the already smooth trigger pull. Measuring just 7.2 inches overall, this compact 1911 is easy to conceal yet retains the iconic feel and performance Kimber is renowned for. MSRP: $1,000.

EDC X9SWilson Combat EDC X9S

Long considered one of the best high-end 1911 houses out there, the EDC X9S by Wilson Combat takes concealed carry to the next level with its innovative design and superior craftsmanship. This compact 1911-style pistol features a 3.25-inch barrel and aluminum frame, making it exceptionally concealable without sacrificing performance. Its high-visibility sights and crisp trigger ensure accuracy in any situation. The EDC X9S is a premium option for those who demand the best. MSRP: $2,895.

Parting Shots

These five concealed carry 1911s offer a range of options to suit every shooter’s needs and preferences. From compact designs to premium craftsmanship, these pistols prioritize concealability without compromising performance, making them ideal for self-defense applications.

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