Glock Records Thousands of New Safety Pledges

by Braxton Taylor

June was National Firearm Safety Month and this year, during the 30-day period, Glock added another 1,500 enthusiasts who took the pledge to always adhere to the basic rules of gun safety. The company’s initiative, called FollowTheFour, launched in June 2016 and since them thousands have pledged to always: Treat all firearms as if they are loaded; Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy; Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you are ready to fire, and; Be sure of your target and what’s beyond.

Glock kicked off its initiative last month through social media channels, e-mail campaigns and on its website. Industry organizations and firearm dealers nationwide joined in by using digital resources provided by the company to promote the safe firearm practices.

The legendary firm’s commitment to safe firearm practices goes even further than its Follow the Four campaign, from local community support to company-wide initiatives. Glock’s own local community—in Cobb County, GA—is home to the “Glock House” at the Cobb Safety Village. There, families are educated on safe firearm practices year-round.

On a national level, the company provides educational safety resources to Law Enforcement agencies everywhere and gun locks at no cost to agencies for community distribution. Glock’s company-wide commitment to safety can be seen by every law-abiding citizen who purchases one of its pistols. A gun lock accompanies each packaged firearm to ensure safe firearm storage. Glock Training also puts firearm safety education into practice as their firearm instructors across the United States teach safe handling practices in each of their courses.

NRA’s fundamental rules of gun safety webpage are similar, but beyond the basics also reminds owners: Understand how to use the firearm safely; Never consume alcohol or drugs (including prescriptions) before or when handling a gun; Always wear ear and eye protection; and others worth reviewing or sharing throughout the year on this webpage.   

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