Pennsylvania State Police Select Walther PDP

by Braxton Taylor

The Pennsylvania State Police has selected the Walther PDP as its official duty sidearm. Walther Arms, working in conjunction with its law enforcement and sales partners—Eagle Point Guns and Keystone Manufacturer’s Representatives—will be providing the pistols for the department’s move than 4,500 State Troopers.

The announcement, released late last week, noted the decision came after rigorous testing against major pistol-making competitors. The PDP Compact and PDP F-Series were selected for their capabilities, features and increased proficiency they bring to those carrying it. Every handgun will be direct milled with the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 to ensure each officer is confident and comfortable with their duty pistol.

“As one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country, we are honored to have the Pennsylvania State Police select the Walther PDP as their new duty handgun,” said Rick DeMilt, director of law enforcement and military sales for Walther Arms. “Providing their officers with the PDP’s unmatched versatility and dependability ensures they have the ideal weapon to focus on the situation at hand, when timing and responsiveness are everything.”

The partnership between the Pennsylvania State Police and Walther Arms brings effective, precise and capable protection throughout the state. With revolutionary ergonomics, SuperTerrain Slide Serrations, Performance Duty Trigger and the Aimpoint ACRO direct milled to the slide, the PDP compact and F-Series models are ideal for duty.

In July 2023 the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services also selected the Walther PDP, and for good reason according to Daniel T. McElrath’s review of the pistol. “All told, Walther’s greatest achievement with the PDP may be this: It is (for me) the most complete out-of-the-box, striker-fired pistol available at anywhere near the price,” he wrote. “…I am not a tinkerer by nature, just picky. This would be one pistol I could live with in stock configuration, yet—remarkably—it may also be the simplest to modify, should you so desire.”

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