Pro Shop: Reloading Accessories

by Braxton Taylor

A. Designed to make handloading ammunition much more precise and repeatable, the RCBS Chargemaster Supreme Electronic Powder Dispenser offers the latest in load-cell technology and features 1,500-grain capacity. Its new Proprietary Learn Process allows the unit to automatically adjust dispensing speeds and stop points while learning the unique characteristics of the powder being dispensed and adjusting the measure accordingly to .01-grain accuracy. There are 50 memory slots to store favorite and Powder Learn charges, and the Chargemaster is Bluetooth-compatible with the free RCBS app. MSRP: $429.99;

B. If you plan to handload, a guide to load specifications is vital. The Hornady Reloading Handbook 11th Edition presents data in an intuitive format, including the latest Hornady bullets as well as new cartridges and more. It’s also chock-full of handloading techniques, projectile information and load data, making this book your one-stop source for information on making your own ammunition. MSRP: $59.99;

C. Thanks to its 12.5-quart bowl capacity, the Dillon CV2001 Vibratory Case Cleaner is the largest cleaner in the reloading industry, capable of using dry media to polish up to 1,300 .38 Spl./.357 Mag. or 550 .30-’06 Sprg. cases per hour. In addition to its more generous dimensions, the CV2001 sports a larger, internally cooled motor that is thermally protected, capable of greater horsepower and which turns on precision ball bearings. MSRP: $290;

D. A spherical handgun propellant designed for competitive shooters and handloaders seeking the ideal loads for matches and defensive use, Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder contains the company’s Copper Fouling Eraser, which greatly deters fouling for extended periods of accuracy and less cleaning time. Best of all, it’s also available in convenient 1- and 8-pound canisters. MSRP: $36.99 to $262.99;

E. Built around a heavy-duty, cast-iron O-frame, the Lyman Products Brass Smith Victory Press combines a robust 1-inch-diameter ram with compound linkage. The press handle allows for left- or right-handed operation and includes a newly designed, straight-line primer feed with a heavy-steel shield that is simple to use. A 5-inch frame opening is compatible with the largest rifle cases. MSRP: $269.95;

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