Review: CrossBreed N8 Tactical MultiFlex Holster

by Braxton Taylor

Perhaps JRR Tolkien was on to something. Can “one ring to rule them all” be true in the holster world? Can one single solitary holster meet all your gun-carrying needs? CrossBreed’s N8 Tactical division seems to think so, or at least that’s what they appear to claim with the new MultiFlex holster.

Traditional Kydex holsters are molded to fit one model of gun and one only. A few Glock clones can fit Glock-designed holsters, but those are the exception. Instead, a holster for one gun is not a holster for other guns.

Enter the MultiFlex, stage right. While it can be easily converted from IWB to OWB and back with the twist of a few screws, a lot of “convertible” holsters make the same claim and perform just as well. However, that’s not the MultiFlex’s claim to fame. CrossBreed’s website product description claims, “Its creative design is adjustable to accommodate over 275 full-size and compact firearms, ensuring a snug and secure fit for your firearm of choice.” Read that again: 275 full-size and compact firearms. That’s bold. Bravo for the impressive claim. But is it true?

I got both the full-size and compact versions to test them both. First, I converted the full-size from IWB to OWB since I rarely carry my trusty Glock G17 concealed, but I carry it outside when I teach or head to the range to practice. I think the conversion took me maybe all of five minutes, and part of that was spent hunting for the screw I dropped on the floor. My fault, not the holster’s. Ease of conversion? A+

But what about making it fit multiple guns? Would it hold a variety of semi-auto (sorry, there’s no revolver version) firearms snugly and securely with only the twist of a few screws, as the company claims?

I started with the Glock because it’s the gun I would use it with the most. After ensuring it was unloaded, I inserted it into the holster and got to work. A few screw turns later, voila! It fit perfectly.

Next on my list was an Arex Delta M. Supposedly, this gun is close enough to a Glock that many Glock holsters will work with it. My experience says otherwise. However, after a few more twists of the screws, the MultiFlex did its thing and contoured to the Arex’s frame. Gun #2: success.

What about an old Walther PPX? Wanna take a guess? Yep, gun #3 was also a success. The MultiFlex held it securely. Needless to say, I was impressed with the holster’s ability to adapt to various guns.

Now it was time to test the compact version with two guns: a Springfield Hellcat Pro and a Smith & Wesson Shield. I alternate carrying them, so I was eager to see if I could indeed use one holster for both, as promised. Anyone want to guess what happened? Give yourself five points if you answered that they both fit.

So, how does this fit gadget work? What sort of voodoo can make one holster hold so many different guns? The secret is the adjustment paddles built into the shell. There are the usual retention screws that we expect on the outside, but those only adjust the overall tightness. To accommodate various gun shapes, two paddles inside the shell are pressed against the underside of the trigger guard and barrel to change the holster’s interior to match the gun. It’s really quite ingenious. Not sure why nobody thought of this years ago.

Considering the MultiFlex sells for a mere $49.95, this may be one of the best holster values on the market. Will it replace all your other holsters? In theory, yes. Do you want to adjust the screws when you switch? That’s up to you. But this certainly seems to be a viable option.

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