Shooting Illustrated Interviews: Julie Golob

by Braxton Taylor

Julie Golob is more than just a top-ranked competitive shooter, she’s also a mom, a veteran, an author and a tireless advocate for the Second Amendment. As a former member of the elite Army Marksmanship Unit, she participated in matches across the country and helped train some of the troops out there on the tip of the spear, protecting our country. She is a seven-time IPSC World Champion in the Ladies Division as well as a seven-time champion in the same division in USPSA and has multiple titles in Bianchi Cup, IDPA and Steel Challenge. 

She has also written two books: “Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules,” which helps teach firearms safety to parents and children, and “Shoot,” written to help gun owners learn how to practice, train and compete with their firearms. 

Julie is sponsored by Federal Premium, Trijicon, Phlster holsters, Smith & Wesson and other manufacturers, and during the course of our chat, we talked about the changing demographics of the American gun owner and how companies are responding to the need for defensive firearms which are better-suited to people who are newer to the world of guns, or who lack some of the upper body strength that manufacturers have taken for granted in the past. Guns like the Smith & Wesson Equalizer and M&P 5.7 are leading the way in helping extend the right to keep and bear arms to all Americans, and Julie talks about how those kinds of guns, plus the universal desire to have fun at the range, are changing American gun culture.

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