Shooting Illustrated Interviews: Kevin Sorbo

by Braxton Taylor

In a world where actors burst on the scene and are never heard from again, Kevin Sorbo has had a career in Hollywood that spans decades. He gained fame playing the title role in the syndicated TV series “Hercules,” which was the #1 tv show in the world for many years. He followed up that success with sci-fi tv show “Andromeda,” which was originally conceptualized by the legendary Gene Roddenberry.

Since the end of those series, he has starred in dozens of movies and tv series, including many which have a pro-gun, pro-2A message. In addition to this, he has written books on a variety of subjects and produced and directed many tv shows and movies. We talk with him about his history with guns, what’s he shooting now and how we can use our culture to advocate for responsible gun ownership.

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