SHOT Show 2024 Roundup: New Carry Guns

by Braxton Taylor

SHOT Show in Las Vegas never fails to bring the firearm community together, and the 2024 show is not disappointing us. With the latest and greatest guns, accessories and gear on parade, we are searching for some attention worthy products. Here are four notable carry pistols from Day One:

Lipsey’s Exclusive Smith and Wesson Ultimate Carry J-Frame

Designed to be the ultimate small-frame carry revolver, with  an XS Sights tritium front sight and dovetailed u-notch rear, the Ultimate Carry was built with guidance from American Fighting Revolver’s Darryl Bolke and Bryan Eastridge, two renowned experts in the fighting revolver. Inviting for the popular defensive loads of today, the UC increases the effective range of a J-Frame revolver.

The “High Horn” VZ G10 UC grip creates a comfortable firing experience and is easy to conceal. The improved trigger makes it easier for shooters of all skill levels to make accurate hits down range. The no-lock Airweight frame creates a lightweight package weighing only 16 ounces.

Available in Black with Black Cherry VZ G10 grips, or Stainless with Black and Gray VZ G10 Grips. Both finishes are chambered in a five-shot .38 Spl. or six-shot .32 H&R Mag. and MSRP is $759 for any of the variants.

Beretta Tomcat “Just In Case”

The Beretta Tomcat “Just in Case” is an ultra-concealable pistol chambered in .32 ACP that is outfitted with the state-of-the-art Effortless Loading System (ELS). The mechanism has a push-button activation, eliminating the need to rack the slide, making the pistol easy for use for people with limited hand strength.

The pocket-size handgun has elevated features including increased magazine capacity, repositioned controls for optimal accessibility, a skeletonized trigger and hammer for a 35-percent lighter pull and dovetail slide cuts for versatility.  

Enhancing the comfort are the “Helica” proprietary and textured grips which make the Tomcat much more enjoyable to shoot than other micro pistols. Easy to carry in a pocket or handbag, the Beretta Tomcat, is a great choice, Just in Case. MSRP starts at $599.

Staccato C

Staccato is launching a 4-inch pistol perfect as an all-purpose and reliable handgun. The Staccato C is small enough to carry but solid enough for duty and home defense uses. This compact, slim and short handgun gives you confidence in your grip with a variety of sizes to fit a range of hand sizes.

A wide frame is flush with the slide adding a small amount of non-reciprocating weight and durability but also decreases the felt recoil and muzzle rise resulting in a flatter shooting experience. A slim, dedicated 9mm magazine is precision-built and for reliable results and functionality. Finally, an external extractor gives reliability, lessens maintenance, and improves durability. MSRP will start at $2,599.

Taurus Toro 327 Defender

New to the Taurus lineup is the Taurus 327 Toro. A double-action-single-action, chambered in .327 Fed. Mag. (also compatible with .32 S&W and .32 H&R Mag.).

This red-dot compatible pistol comes with either a 2- or 3-inch barrel and has a front serrated ramp sight and no-snag rear sight channel assisting in fast and clear target acquisition and accuracy.

Finished in either matte black carbon steel or stainless-steel, the cylinder and frame are supported by a comfortable recoil-absorbing rubber grip which also aids in excellent retention in a compact platform. MSRP is $553.99.

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