E318: Bow Hunting Axis Deer with Janis Putelis (Ground Blinds, Spot & Stalk, Water Holes, Whitetail vs. Axis)

by Braxton Taylor

The Element Podcast powered by FIRST LITE

We just returned from our Axis Deer Hunt with Janis Putelis and we have some stories! We talk about our trip and the fun times we had chasing these critters across the rocky prickly pear fields. We saw exotics from axis deer to black bucks and even a few oryx. We talk about why axis deer are becoming our favorite to hunt and we discuss how we will hunt them in the future. We go over tactics and strategies we used for the hunt and discuss the things that kept us from succeeding on this hunt. Thanks for listening, for the best gear made with the serious hunter in mind, get you some First Lite Gear

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