Ep. 144: BEAR GREASE [RENDER] – Near Death & the Super Moon

by Braxton Taylor

On this week’s episode of the Bear Grease Render your host, Clay Newcomb, is joined by Kristy & Josh “Landbridge” Spielmaker, Dr. Misty Newcomb, Gary “Believer” Newcomb, and Kolby Morehead, owner of Bear Hunting Magazine. The crew discusses the moon and its supposed power over human and animal behavior. Clay highlights the whitetail-focused First Lite’s Specter Camo & how it’s benefiting conservation, the new Akern Grunt-n-Bleat from Phelps which sold out in hours, as well as the recent overwhelming success of the Auction House of Oddities (but more importantly Clay and Josh’s Handmade Coonskin Hat). The renderers then transition to discussing the most recent Bear Grease episode, Alaska Stories (Part 1), as well as other harrowing tales from their own lives! We really doubt you’re gonna want to miss this one.

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