Ep. 146: Alaska Stories (Part 2)

by Braxton Taylor

Austin Manelick, of Mission Alaska, shares about getting charged by a sow grizzly with cubs while guiding a sheep hunt in Alaska – and the greenhorn packer who saved their lives. Janis Putelis & Garret “Dirt Myth” Smith retell the iconic “meat tree” story – an encounter with a Kodiak brown bear while hunting Roosevelt moose on Afognak Island with Steve Rinella and Remi Warren. Caleb Martin, of the Alaska Outdoors podcast, tells about how he destroyed his knee on the hike out from a solo mountain goat hunt and his perseverance to get to the plane after the accident. Steve Rinella tells a story about his lifelong friend, their shared adventures growing up, his fish shack in Alaska, and the preciousness of life.

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