Ep. 148: BEAR GREASE [RENDER] – World Champion Squirrel Cook Off

by Braxton Taylor

Your host Clay Newcomb is joined live from the World Champion Squirrel Cookoff by Brent “Render Boy” Reaves, Kyle Veit of the Ozark Podcast, Malcolm Reed from How to BBQ Right, the world’s greatest Small Game Hunter, Kevin Murphy, and Joe Wilson, founder of the Squirrel Cookoff. The crew talks about: Kevin’s unique outfit and how he met Steven Rinella, the world champion squirrel cookoff and the unique dishes cooked (empanadas, ramen, tamales & minced meat pie), the finer points of how to harvest & clean a squirrel, a detailed recipe for how to cook squirrel and gravy at home, squirrel hunting the old-growth timber inside the Mississippi River levee and Melanistic Squirrels, the challenges facing new hunters and what we can do to help, and the joys of starting out on small game. We really doubt that you’re gonna want to miss this one.

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