Ep. 150: Deer Stories – The Unexpected (Part 1)

by Braxton Taylor

This week on Bear Grease, Clay hears from several diehard whitetail deer hunters. This is one of the most unique collections of deer stories you’ll hear anywhere and just in time for Whitetail Week at MeatEater. Dale Craig – grunting in a mountain buck and sealing the deal with a rolling jumping apple. Travis Ross – his first mountain hunt and an encounter with Charley and Louie Dale Edwards deer dogs. Andy Brown tells a wild story about his dad, how scarce deer were at the time, what a deer could provide for a family. Moe Shepherd – a deer that disappeared after blood trailing it in the snow and an encounter with a panther. Aaron Stanphill – calling in a deer by relieving himself on some dry leaves. Clay Newcomb – killing a deer sitting on a limb in a red oak tree while his daughter played in the dry creek bed below. Luke Alston – connecting his son with a great deer name Moab that he had four years of history with. I really doubt you’re gonna want to miss this one…

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