Ep. 152: BEAR GREASE [RENDER] – Deer, Dogs, & Old Friends

by Braxton Taylor

This week on the Render, Clay Newcomb is joined by Gary “Believer” Newcomb, Brent Reaves of “This Country Life”, Andy Stanphill, Aaron Stanphill, and Luke Alston.

Topics discussed include: How Clay knows the Stanphill Brothers through Scott Brown, and how they met Luke. High country archery fall from grace – probably because they bought an airplane. Pulling back a 70 pound bow in the 90’s. Running dogs & Charley and Louie Dale Edwards. The dividing line of July Men and Walker Men. How running deer with dogs got banned from the Ozarks. When seeing a deer was worth interrupting the Sunday Church Service to go run deer dogs. The crew’s favorite stories from Deer Stories – The Unexpected (Part 1). What we do with our deer racks and how that’s evolved through time. Lum and Abner and the Dick Huddleston store in Pine Ridge, AR. Does anything other than a black panther drag its kill into a tree? We really doubt you’re gonna want to miss this one…

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