Ep. 482: Flinging Arrows with Levi Morgan

by Braxton Taylor

Topics discussed: Competing against your future wife as a kid; white-tailed deer; Chester performing at all of the MeatEater Live Shows; Phil the Engineer’s live show; The MeatEater Podcast saving lives again; Test My Meat with the Warner Bratzler Shear Force Tender Tester; just how tender a yearling backstrap really is; check out all of our great whitetail content on The MeatEater website; play in the Caliber Battle brackets on themeateater.com; watch Wildtail: America’s Wildest Conservation Story, produced by the National Deer Association in partnership with state fish and game agencies; how an archery tournament works; when you’re the walking rangefinder; staying in the 10 and aiming in the 12; stable platforms; how target panic still rears its head; one pin on a mover; how some competitive archers can’t hit a deer to save their lives; a big mistake is to aim where you want to hit; ducking to run; picking a hair on the deer; so many failure stories; representing your country at the world cup; and more. 

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