Ep. 484: Cooking Noodles and Catching Permit with David Chang

by Braxton Taylor

Topics discussed: Eating David Chang’s ramen in an area that no one has ever eaten David Chang’s ramen; why Dave named his company Momofuku; the Korean guy who fly fishes the flats in Mexico; pregnancy frogs; the massively irresponsible dumping of 800,000 pogies; how Dave used to be a competitive golfer; when all the sales reps at your dad’s golf store are hunters; permissions!; how inheriting success is a curse; a restaurant in Japan that’s been open for over 400 years; a 14th generation farmer probably knows what he’s doing; cooking turtles; the history of ramen; hard work as the greatest equalizer; how working in that kitchen was like working in a coal mine; the overbearing shuffling of plates; balance as being simultaneously committed to two things equally, all the time; opening the original Momofuku restaurant in NYC; permit fever; trout fishing to practice permit fishing; and more. 

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