Ep. 514: Glassin’ In God’s Country

by Braxton Taylor

Topics discussed: Subscribe and listen to MeatEater’s brand new podcast, “God’s Country,” with Dan and Reid Isbell; the Mississippi cold shoulder; the Nashville song writing scene; “Fresh Set of Eyes” becomes a country song; smashing your finger while rattling because you forget to cut off the brow tines; advice from a TSA agent about hiding pocket knives at the airport; interesting hunting strategies while hunting town deer; the aspirational town hunter; getting back with an ex-girlfriend to gain access to a big buck, then breaking up with her the day after you shoot it; when a trapper gives CPR to a marten; burping your pet raccoon; land > trucks; when you’ll only let Jesus hunt your land; the place that outdoor living occupies in country music; writing and singing about what you know; growing up singing in church; major hustle in ten-year town; selling your struggles; the song called, “Big, Huge, Giant Bucks”; and more.

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