Ep. 520: What’s the Play? Bass or Bluegills with Clay Matthews

by Braxton Taylor

Topics discussed: Attending Packers games in blaze orange; when you lose a fight to an octopus; ever-bigger Super Bowl rings; why MeatEater’s American History: The Long Hunters (1761-1775) has two narrators; lipstick on a pig; the beans before the frank; when a mountain lion attends your wedding; the Matthews Family football dynasty; what’s the most hunting-est and fishing-est of the professional sports?; Clay’s first duck hunt; recalling Trivia with Pete Alonso and the New York Mets; perfecting your celebratory move; Steve’s mom, the major Chicago Bears fan; listening to the play-by-play on the radio; “When the Packers were playing, you could hunt anywhere you wanted!”; freak accidents; Clay’s perfectly line up chestnut trees; nerding out on biochar; getting ducks stuffed; the MeatEater crew argues about which fish Clay should stock in his pond; and more.

Outro song: “Where ‘Dem Duckies At?” by Collin Peterson

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