Ep. 525: Game Wardens and Grizzlies with CJ Box

by Braxton Taylor

Topics discussed: Cool stage names; Three Inch Teeth. the 24th Joe Pickett game warden novel out now; when a CJ Box book mentions Steve and MeatEater; novels with an honest portrayal or time and place; how CJ’s wife was called to be on the jury for the Wyoming corner crossing case; get our limited edition “Fresh Set of Eyes…” t-shirt at the MeatEater store now; Clay Newcomb’s high school drawing of a future man with a sci-fi gun pointed at a wild hog; how the next Joe Pickett novel should center around a great vault toilet rescue; audience variations on Steve’s beans saying; NSFW (not safe for work) bird names; how the groundhog can’t tell the weather; hardwired to be a writer; and more. 

Outro song: “Mo’ Beans” by Laynor Johnson

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