Venison Patty Melt | MeatEater Cook

by Braxton Taylor

The patty melt is my perfect iteration of a burger. To begin with, buttered and griddled rye has far more gusto than your standard burger bun. Caramelized onions meld swimmingly with melted cheese. And a thin, flavorful, bacon grease-cooked burger patty (or two or three) really brings it home.

My favorite diner order is made even better at home with ground elk or deer from the freezer. When making this, take your time caramelizing the onions, and don’t try to swap “American Swiss” for the “real stuff.” In this instance, I promise, you’re really going to want the ultra-melting quality of ultra-pasteurized cheese.

I use a single large cast iron pan in this recipe, wiping out between steps as needed (because no one loves doing dishes). However, if you have a nice flat top, that would be really great to use here instead. A final note: I like 1000 Island dressing on my melt. It’s definitely not standard patty melt procedure, but I like a saucy burger. Feel free to omit or use your favorite burger condiments instead.

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