Langdon Tactical Technology Celebrates 10 Years

by Braxton Taylor

Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT) is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. Throughout 2024 the company will be unveiling limited-run products, special-edition merchandise and promotions for customers.

LTT, which is based in Mesa, AZ, was founded by Ernest Langdon, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1985 to 1997. He competed with a Beretta M9 while in uniform and after leaving the service became member of Team Beretta, winning two World Speed Shooting championship titles and several national championships with an upgraded Beretta 92.

He was also employed by Beretta from 1997 to 2000, but in 2001 left and began training shooters. He went on to do custom pistol work and developed the “Trigger Job in a Bag” under the now familiar LTT name.

In 2014 Langdon officially reincorporated in Arizona. There he launched pistol training programs, continued handgun customization and product development.

Two years later his “Trigger Job in a Bag” was updated, improved and relaunched in a box—no bag. By 2017 the company, working in collaboration with Beretta, created the PX4 Compact Carry and PX4 Carry. The 92 Elite LTT pistol and LTT 1301 Shotgun followed.

In 2020 Langdon patented a low-mount red-dot optic cut for the famed Beretta 92, a revolutionary step for the family of pistols. The handgun’s popularity—combined with the performance and reliability of the LTT design—made it a huge success. Then the company expanded its custom services to include Heckler & Koch, Glock and Springfield Armory models.

Demand grew significantly, and to fill orders LTT doubled its staff. By 2023 the firm opened a second facility in Mesa, AZ.   

The company continues to flourish by maintaining its dedication to improving the performance and function of great firearms. Future projects already include an upgraded Mod 2 1301 and all-new PX4 G-SD.

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